The warranty becomes effective when the treatment has finished. It is conditioned by undergoing regular check-ups (ONCE EVERY 6 MONTHS) and professional hygienic treatments (removing tartar and plaque). The warranty can be limited in case of bad hygiene of the patient’s oral cavity resulting from conscious negligence and a failure to obey dentist’s recommendations.

The principles of giving a warranty are as follows:

  • prosthetic work – bridges, crowns, crown inlays, crown-root inlays, partial dentures (except for acrylic parts that tear and wear, supporting and retention elements)- 36 months;
  • acrylic prostheses- 1 year;
  • composite fillings – 3 years (excluding cervix dentis fillings – warranty for 1 year);
  • implantological treatment –from 5 to 10 years. The warranty depends on manufacturer’s warranty time and comprises material defects excluding treatment costs of soft cells and bones necessary in event of unpredictable organism’s reactions to the implant and its load

The warranty is not given to:

  • temporary and provisional fillings;
  • prosthetic reconstructions improperly used, general diseases (osteoporosis, diabetes, epilepsy, after radio and chemotherapy);
  • prosthetic fillings corrected out of practice;
  • teeth whitening.