We offer a full range of prosthetic services distinguished by functionality and quality. Thanks to application of high quality materials and technologies our laboratory gives a warranty for the quality of services performed. CAD-CAM applied in full ceramic fillings and allowing a possibility of scanning dental imprints and models guaranties a perfect fitting for crowns, bridges and dental veneers.

Our prosthetic services are as follows:

- crowns and porcelain bridges on the metal base (alloys of semi-precious metals and precious alloys of gold),

- crowns, bridges and full ceramic veneers (Procer’s crowns, zirconium oxide based crowns), ,

- onlay and inlay restoration (fillings made in the laboratory. We offer this service to patients with serious tooth damage when resin filling does not secure durability but the tooth is not extensively damaged to supply a prosthetic crown,

- crow-root inlays (form gold, titanium, semi-precious alloys),

- crown-root inlays made of glass fibre,

- removable acrylic restorations,

- nylon restorations,

- partial dentures,

- work combining permanent restorations (crowns and bridges) with removable ones allowing for non-clamp rebuilding thanks to applying precise joining elements like clasps, bolts, magnets which substitute less aesthetic prosthetic clamps,

- all prosthetic restorations based on implants.